Monsters part 2…

And still more. Call Pete for details. Big October is definitely underway..


Spotted submarine..


Ow he’s got me…Trout v Man


Nearly had your finger Peter (bits of glove in it’s mouth).


Very broad and powerful rainbow trout.


Probably the prettiest rainbow trout I have photographed.


and another..


Not hanging about..

New arrivals, experts only…

As part of the stocking for October, Richard from West Acre Trout farm selected some very special Trout for Thornwood.

Imagine standing  waist deep, in waders and being asked to hold up a powerful fish that has just been removed from a highly oxygenated tank. In short, holding them up long enough to get a picture, Peter was beaten up by the these monster trout. He can attest to their unbelievable strength and sharp teeth!

Richard kept netting them from the tank and passing them to Peter who was going to have fight them all into submission. Each one seemed bigger than the last and they seemed to get more ferocious too. You will most definitely need a bigger net and strong tackle for these brutes. Photographer: Chris K Jones


Gently out of the net….


Man v Fish, all hell breaks loose…

stocking-oct-2016-9stocking-oct-2016-10More Monsters to come..please follow our posts throughout this week.

Big October

Fresh Brown and Rainbow trout stocked for the autumn season. Richard Bolton delivered these Norfolk grown fish to Thornwood, in fantastic condition as ever and hyped up with oxygen from the transport tank. Photographer: Chris K Jones.


It is a tricky job to get them from the tank to the lake with this weight of fish, all the while wriggling and trying to leap out of the net. They need to be counted into lake one as some of the delivery will go into the stock net. Lake 2 is bit easier as the whole lot go straight in through a tube. Should be well settled in by now and ready for your flies!

Trout Fisherman Magazine visit

Renowned Angler and Journalist  Peter Cockwill visited Thornwood Springs to write a feature for the July issue of Trout Fisherman magazine. Fishing a dry fly most of the day in warm but at times very wet conditions he caught number of good sized Rainbows and a very pretty resident Brown from the stalking pond. Great to watch such an accomplished fly fisherman at work.

Thronwood big fly match

Peter Cockwill’s Thornwood Rainbow Trout

Trout mag.jpg

Trout Magazine cover shot?


Stunning brown from the Stalking pond.


Red spotted bar of gold.

Early summer stocking

New arrivals for both lakes, plenty of pretty Brown trout for lake one and good eating Rainbows for both Lakes. Thornwood fly fishing is open all summer so we expect plenty of dry fly experts over the next couple of months.



The easy way, with a fish chute.



Plenty of Sticklebacks in the shallows to feed on. Streamer fishing should be good come the autumn. Orange, silver blue and green with a big eye. Better get tying.



Late March evening challenge, Peter trying a Snake lure on the Platinum ticket stalking pond. I think four casts brought two fantastic and very different looking Browns to the Bank. Plus a fine rainbow. The ponds were fizzing with very small fry and large shapes could be seen moving not far from the bank side. The low evening sun lit these up magnificently.

Big-Brown and PeterBIG-Brownspprettybrown2spprettybrownspBig-rainbowspBig-rainbow2sp

March Monsters