Welcome Trout hunters…

Thornwood Springs is renowned Trout fishery on the outskirts of London UK.

Comprising two lakes and a stalking pond, the fishery is stocked with a wide range of Rainbow, Brown, Tiger and Blue Trout. Offering a unique and friendly environment to Fly fish with prices for all budgets and offering both catch and take and catch and release fishing.

The fishery is open all year round and can be booked by phone,

call Peter on 07588 663255

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For Prices and info please see our prices and contact page.

Brilliant Blue Trout

Just stocked, Thornwood springs Blue Trout. Selected for their unique colour from hundreds of ‘normal’ rainbow trout. These are pretty rare, just a hundred or so from a hatch of a thousand promising looking fry.

Many Rainbow trout can start out looking blue but often change in colour as the reach adulthood. Here’s the science bit, the main thing to know is that they are really quite stunning and different to see. Photography : Chris K Jones  on Instagram   

Thornwood blue trout 12

Hyper reflective, polished chrome.

They range from a very dark blue to a translucent teal on the back. In strong contrast to a dark back, their finely scaled, clean silver sides seem to aplify every drop of colour from their surroundings.

Thornwood blue trout 16

Once in the water they swiftly dissapear, at the dark water point about two meters out, their back colour matches the water surface perfectly and their undersides reflect the lake bed or water colours beneath. You may not see them at all until they break the surface and flash like highly polished chrome.

Thornwood blue trout 11

I always enjoy taking pictures of Rainbow trout and the really varied Brown Trout but found these were in some ways more subtle and complex. If you catch one, take time to appreciate them, each one is very unique.

Thornwood blue trout 10

We hope they do well in Lake 1 where a Silver £25 (taking 1 fish) ticket will allow you to fish catch and release for these Rainbows, Browns and rare Blues all day.

Thornwood blue trout 9Thornwood blue trout 17Thornwood blue trout 7Thornwood blue trout 14Thornwood blue trout 8Thornwood blue trout 13Thornwood blue trout 6

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First Rainbow

Congratulations to Jason Dudley on catching his first Rainbow Trout, here at Thornwood. He picked up fly casting very quickly and with bit of guidance was soon into this fine table fish. We hope it was good eating Jason.

Thornwood Springs welcomes novice fly anglers with ideal facilities to get you casting and catching in a friendly, welcoming environment.

A one fish ticket on the stocking area of ‘Three Springs’ Lake 1 is just £15 (Bronze ticket).  This end is regularly stocked with fresh fish for the table.

Also available to the beginner, basic fly tackle rental and introductory guidance, one to one fly casting lessons and Orvis group tuition days. Please get in touch through our contacts page.

Fresh Rainbows

Along with the stunning Blue Trout from West Acre Trout farm came our restock of Rainbows into ‘Three Springs’ Lake 1. These will make fantastic table fish and as ever were in superb condition. Photography : Chris K Jones  on Instagram 

Thornwood blue trout

Some for the stock net,

Thornwood blue trout 1

and the rest straight into the Lake via the chute. These will make great eating.

Thornwood blue trout 2Thornwood blue trout 4Thornwood blue trout 3Thornwood blue trout 5

Please follow this blog and get updates every time we have news of stockings, events and pictures. Why not become a Thornwood friend on Facebook and follow and update us with your pics via Instagram.

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Our first ever stocking of the very special Tiger Trout. Absolutely stunning looking fish each with unique markings. They are a cross breed of Brook trout and Brown trout that produce incredible markings. The fish are powerful and aggressive we think they should do well feeding on the millions of Rudd fry in Lake 2(the Trenches).

We expect them to chase just about anything and provide incredible sport and a unique looking fish every time. Some are very silvery blue, almost Mackerel looking, others have deep orange bellies and an almost Pike like marking. We are really excited to see how they get on and what approach best catches them. Catch and release a tiger today!

Thornwood tiger trout 27Thornwood tiger trout 9Thornwood tiger trout 45Thornwood tiger trout 38Thornwood tiger trout 44Thornwood tiger trout 40Thornwood tiger trout 39Thornwood tiger trout 43Thornwood tiger trout 37Thornwood tiger trout 36Thornwood tiger trout 42Thornwood tiger trout 41Thornwood tiger trout 34Thornwood tiger trout 35Thornwood tiger trout 32Thornwood tiger trout 33Thornwood tiger trout 31Thornwood tiger trout 26Thornwood tiger trout 28Thornwood tiger trout 30Thornwood tiger trout 29Thornwood tiger trout 23Thornwood tiger trout 24Thornwood tiger trout 22Thornwood tiger trout 19Thornwood tiger trout 20Thornwood tiger trout 21Thornwood tiger trout 18Thornwood tiger trout 14Thornwood tiger trout 15Thornwood tiger trout 13Thornwood tiger trout 16Thornwood tiger trout 12Thornwood tiger trout 11Thornwood tiger trout 25Thornwood tiger trout 10Thornwood tiger trout 2Thornwood tiger trout 8Thornwood tiger trout 4Thornwood tiger trout 7Thornwood tiger trout 3Thornwood tiger trout 6Thornwood tiger trout 1Thornwood tiger trout 5


London Fly Fishing Fair.

Did you make it to the first ever London Fly fishing fair? If not, you missed out. Two days of hanging out with our many fly fishing friends, making new ones and introducing hundreds of people to Thornwood. It was exhausting but immense fun.

The Thornwood stand was constantly busy with interest in the gear on offer, and the fly fishing available at Thornwood.

There was huge interest in Renalyn’s beautiful fly fishing art. It was really great to see her work on display and it attracted many to the Thornwood stand.

I didn’t get anywhere near taking enough pictures or even talking to everyone I hoped to. Both days seemed to fly by, so much fun was being had.

James, Dan and Ripon from the BBC’s Big Fish programme, Matt Hayes, Marina Gibson and many more fishing stars stopped by the Thornwood stand and the show atmosphere was that of a brilliant social event and later on a party. Thanks to Tiptree of Essex for the great gin it was delicious, just ask John.lol

The show catering was supplied by Thornwood’s Shotgun Chef with high demand for his fine Bacon Rolls and vension burgers.

Our Friends from Orvis London had a large and busy stand, and there were many other smaller companies, in particular some incredible specialist fly companies and fly tying equipment suppliers. Technique master classes and big screen presentations from fishing travel companies and international fishing lodges where a reminder of the incredible world of fly fishing on offer.

We have to say a huge thank you and congratulations to the show team, and the event Leader CEO, Fergus Kelly, it really was the bringing together of all that is great in fly fishing.

We were hugely proud to take part in such a great event, cant wait for next year!

London fly fishing show 7

Setting up first thing.

London fly fishing show 10

London fly fishing show 9

Get your fly fishing bargains here.

London fly fishing show 8

Well done you two.

London fly fishing show 11

With James Stokoe from the Big Fish TV Show and master salmon fisherman.

London fly fishing show 12

John with James, Dan and Ripon fro the Big Fish

Many more pictures are available on the official instagram page of the London fly fishing show.

I managed to grab a few shots of feathers and the Bently!

London fly fishing show 5London fly fishing show 6London fly fishing show 4London fly fishing show 3London fly fishing show 2London fly fishing show 1London fly fishing show

Marina Gibson lands her Personal Best Rainbow.

Marina Gibson and friends Ed Morrison and Damon Valentine  #londonflyfisher, visited Thornwood just a couple of days before the London fly fishing show. In extremely bright midday conditions, the stalking pond produced three fantastic rainbows in as many casts .

Apologies to Ed- my camera failed just before he landed an absolute slab of a fish.Pic courtesy of Damon.


Damon gets the prize for prettiest rainbow.#londonflyfisher  Photography Chris K Jones #flyfishing_photographer

Marina Gibson thornwood 7


Marina wins with a superb Thornwood Rainbow, expertly fought and brought to the net. Congratulations. We love to see personal bests at Thornwood.

Marina Gibson thornwood 2Marina Gibson thornwood 3Marina Gibson thornwoodMarina Gibson thornwood 1Marina Gibson thornwood 4Marina Gibson thornwood 5Marina Gibson thornwood 6

Awesome fish, congratulations Marina, the fish was estimated well into the double figures and in excess of 11b when it was stocked.

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London Fly Fishing Show 2017

We are hugely looking forward to the London Fly fishing show this coming Friday and Saturday (10th and 11th March). It will be great chance to meet up, get your hands on the latest gear and plan the trip of a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

Thornwood springs Trout fishery will of course be there, we are on Stand 25 so please do stop by and say hello. Peter has promised to have a number of show bargains on offer!

The show is at the Islington Business Design centre, a short walk from Angel Islington tube or a bit further from Highbury and Islington Tube.

Finally, the team who are behind setting up this show are all thoroughly dedicated fly fishing fanatics. This is the first time such a show has been put on in London to support and provide for our sport so please support, it should be a great couple of days.

See you there.:)



Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing

Thornwood Springs’s  heat for the ATTEFF Individual Bank Championship. Windy conditions and fishing Lake 1 saw a rod average of 3.5 fish. As Brown trout dominate in this lake the competitors had to adjust their approach for success. Interestingly we had a run of bites just before lunch as some heavy cloud came in, suggesting the Browns can be active at all times of the day.

Congratulations to all who entered and made it such an enjoyable day. Well done to the winner Thomas John Finney with 7 fish caught. Photography : Chris K Jones


Cold Weather – Big Fish!

An icy cold January seems to have given way to a changeable Feb, and the Big fish have been getting active. Darren Blayney and Daniel K kicking off their year with some monster fish. Congratualtions on landing these rod bending specimens.


12b Rainbow Trout, nice.



Followed up by Billy Bridgeworth from Walthamstow fly fishers with this hefty Rainbow caught on a self tied snake.


As ever please follow us here and on Facebook and instagram for all the latest catches. see side column for details.

Stocking January 2017

Kicking off the New year by stocking some fantastic Rainbow trout in all three lakes. Thornwood has been frozen over almost completely the last few days, so ice breaking was in order before we could get these stunning fish into the very cold water.

Looking forward to the ice receding and some serious sport on the stalking pond with a few new ‘big surprises’ lurking in lakes one and two also.

Thankfully the frozen ground made it possible to get the fish tanks right up to each lake. Specimens were netted and counted into lake 2 and the stalking pond. Smaller fish stocking into lake 1 through the usual yellow chute to speed things up. Of course one fish managed to get itself up and onto the ice but was swiftly rescued. Seriously can’t wait to fish for these they will be superb. Photography: Chris K Jones