Specimen catch for Daniel

Congratulations to Daniel for catching this stunning specimen Brown from the trenches lake.  Showing a full belly,  it looks to have fed well on fry, and fell to the same lure pattern.

Daniel huge brown trout

Peter’s quote ‘I would say the majority of bigger Browns here have never been caught, ever. They disappear for ages and once in a while you see them….this may have been on site for 5 years and never been caught.’

‘For example I put ten 8 lb size browns in lake 1 when we opened 6 years ago have seen 2 of the 10, a skinny 9 lb and a fat 10.5, and same catch ratio on all 3 lakes.

‘On a small Damsel in the snow at first light…Daniel has had a fair few now in 10-14 lb size as he is a regular at the gate opening time…a chunky 10 lber maybe a bit more ‘

‘There are loads of these here they are just wise!’


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