7lb Rainbow fun

Congratulations to Paul Edwards on successfully playing a fine 7lb (est.) fish.

“It was the first really cold day of the winter and my hands and toes were numb. I had caught one that morning, a three pound rainbow, but approaching ‎midday I had no further luck. So I changed positions, put on a fresh 9 foot leader (7lb leeda tapered) and a new fly, a flexi bloodworm as recommended by the fishery owner Pete.

I then fished a slow sink/draw retrieve near the margins on intermediate line. Using a 7# rod and line. After the third cast I saw a subtle take on the drop, which I lifted into and hooked.  After the first run I knew it was a good fish. It took almost 10 minutes to get it to the net, no jumps, always down deep and making strong powerful runs. Roger ( a flycasting instructor who happened to be practising at the lake that day) netted the trout and returned it safely and quickly to the lake to fight another day.”


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