New arrivals, experts only…

As part of the stocking for October, Richard from West Acre Trout farm selected some very special Trout for Thornwood.

Imagine standing  waist deep, in waders and being asked to hold up a powerful fish that has just been removed from a highly oxygenated tank. In short, holding them up long enough to get a picture, Peter was beaten up by the these monster trout. He can attest to their unbelievable strength and sharp teeth!

Richard kept netting them from the tank and passing them to Peter who was going to have fight them all into submission. Each one seemed bigger than the last and they seemed to get more ferocious too. You will most definitely need a bigger net and strong tackle for these brutes. Photographer: Chris K Jones


Gently out of the net….


Man v Fish, all hell breaks loose…

stocking-oct-2016-9stocking-oct-2016-10More Monsters to come..please follow our posts throughout this week.


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