Brilliant Blue Trout

Just stocked, Thornwood springs Blue Trout. Selected for their unique colour from hundreds of ‘normal’ rainbow trout. These are pretty rare, just a hundred or so from a hatch of a thousand promising looking fry.

Many Rainbow trout can start out looking blue but often change in colour as the reach adulthood. Here’s the science bit, the main thing to know is that they are really quite stunning and different to see. Photography : Chris K Jones  on Instagram   

Thornwood blue trout 12

Hyper reflective, polished chrome.

They range from a very dark blue to a translucent teal on the back. In strong contrast to a dark back, their finely scaled, clean silver sides seem to aplify every drop of colour from their surroundings.

Thornwood blue trout 16

Once in the water they swiftly dissapear, at the dark water point about two meters out, their back colour matches the water surface perfectly and their undersides reflect the lake bed or water colours beneath. You may not see them at all until they break the surface and flash like highly polished chrome.

Thornwood blue trout 11

I always enjoy taking pictures of Rainbow trout and the really varied Brown Trout but found these were in some ways more subtle and complex. If you catch one, take time to appreciate them, each one is very unique.

Thornwood blue trout 10

We hope they do well in Lake 1 where a Silver £25 (taking 1 fish) ticket will allow you to fish catch and release for these Rainbows, Browns and rare Blues all day.

Thornwood blue trout 9Thornwood blue trout 17Thornwood blue trout 7Thornwood blue trout 14Thornwood blue trout 8Thornwood blue trout 13Thornwood blue trout 6

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