The Trenches (Lake 2)

(Gold Ticket) Our main competition lake. Always stocked with good numbers of eating fish and much much larger resident specimens. Go on to fish it catch and release and you may just chance upon a monster.


Gold Ticket Catch and Release lake.

Strong casting skills over distance can sometimes pay off, but the fish can be tricky and have extra depth to fool you with. Some of the biggest fish have been caught near in to the bank, come early or stay late for the best hours of fishing. Successful techniques vary throughout the year, but there are big rewards for the dedicated angler who masters it.

Regularly stocked with fresh Rainbows for great eating, and Browns to keep the resident population varied. Stocked March 2017 with a good number of tiger trout for catch and release.

Fish to depths of 21 feet for both Rainbow and Brown Trout class 1.5lb to specimen 17lb.

Mark Bloxham BrownDaniel huge brown trout

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